Fazunchar Festival

located at figueiró dos vinhos, Portugal

In August of 2022, I had the opportunity to spend a week painting a mural in a small village with +/- 60 inhabitants. This village is called Campelo and it’s in the centre of Portugal. It doesn't have a coffee shop and often has no mobile service, but it is surrounded by mountains with its own special fauna and flora. It was by this natural context that inspired this painting.
The @mistakermaker (whom I am very thankful of) made the invitation, and the painting was part of the excellent @fazunchar.fv festival.

Besides that, it was a week where I met very good people, and I doubt there is anything better than that.

Photography: @migueloliveiraphoto @fazunchar.fv

Festival Fenda

located at Braga, Portugal


located at Viana do Alentejo, Portugal