Collaboration with: Je.wellery
Work: design a necklace 

Limited edition of 15 silver necklaces with debossed postcard.

In the present so marked by increasing tensions between nations, a possible peace scenario is getting closer and closer to a distant future. Therefore, since this theme is so present in daily reflection, it became clear that this would be the ideal opportunity to expose such concern.
The sense of pain of those who come across a war can never be fully felt by those who are in the safety of their homes. However, the conviction in sharing peace can undoubtedly be more significant for those whose priorities are not survival.
Thus, the reproduction of the symbol of the CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) accompanied by slogans such as 'spread peace', very present in the 1970s and the fruit of anti-war movements, once again gains a current meaning, serving as a motto for collaboration. The prolongation of the two straight lines oblique to the central axis reminds us of a silhouette walking, thus assuming the commitment of spreading the slogan and valuing such a simple task.

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Photo Matilde Cunha
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Collaboration with: Je.wellery
Work: design a ring