Name: Embalar
Location: Senhora Presidenta · Porto
Date: 2020

"Embalar" is an exhibition by Lourenço Providência, where we witness the artist. Nowadays, the optimism of the past has been replaced by an exciting desire for change. We say, so often, "It is human nature...", and we forget that this nature easily changes... and that it really should.An artist's work is always influenced by his social context. With this, and at a time when the oceans are polluted and the beaches full of colors and shapes that come to us for the wrong reasons, "Packaging" tells us the story from a different perspective.An exhibition where the design adapts to the shape, where the colours of the beach are collected, exposed in a bold context, gaining an appreciative sense that in the sea, or on the sand of our beaches, they do not have. The challenges of an artist who appreciates simplicity, combined with objects that represent our lives in their rawest form - garbage, leftovers, and disposables - then create this space for reflection. And this is our bedtime story.Just as draws adapts to form, it is up to us to adapt to our times. It is urgent to change perspectives; it is urgent to clean up the rubbish from the seas and beaches, to appreciate the strange and common; it is urgent to compromise".

Text by Catarina Freitas
Photography by José Guilherme Marques

 images before the exibithion

images from the inauguration


rug made in collaboration with  gur