His name is Lourenço. He is 24 years old, from Oporto, but currently lives in Copenhagen, likes plants, desserts and, particularly, traditional Portuguese pastries. He is a man of various interests, distinguishing himself in the field of Graphic Design for that very same reason.
    For Lourenço, research is one of the most important parts of a project. We can consider him passionate about the stories of the world. For him, this initial phase passes quickly to the field of life and stories. If I had to describe his research in 2 words, they would probably be “Learning” and “Knowing”.
    As a person, Lourenço is very uncomplicated. His life is governed by values such as empathy, simplicity and peace: “I value peace as a working method”.
    Lourenço thinks that Graphic Design should not focus only on Design, but in life. Therefore, it is exactly on his daily routine, that Lourenço finds inspiration for all of his different projects. His approach is characterised as being very multidisciplinary, exploring areas such as illustration, design, sculpture, photography, graffiti, or even music or scenography. As he never confines himself to just one of them, Lourenço is always open to collaborations that explore areas that he does not know so well at first, as, for example, Architecture.
    In graphic terms, Lourenço's work is quite simple and direct: “Simple life, simple messages”, he comments. In his projects, he always carries an easily receptive approach, with strong and true messages. At the beginning of each one of them, he starts by opening one of his many notebooks, then proceeding to draw by hand. I believe he thinks a lot through his drawings.
    For us, who see him from the outside, Lourenço is the definition of a good and a happy person. He values family, effort, honesty and humility… he appreciates simplicity, thought, and, as it couldn’t be different for someone so passionate about the world, life.

text by:
Catarina Freitas
thank you all friends and family
that have helped me build a journey 
over the past few years
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