Client: Fresensim
Work: Frenesim identidy
Date: 2019-2020
collabroation with:  Luisa Tormenta

Frenesim is a cultural cooperative that promotes art, not only as an end, but also as a catalyst for change, development, and bringing people together. The multiple approaches to artistic expression are key to personal and group exploration, allowing us to work on four major areas of competence:

Inspired by this attitude, we realized that the mouth would be the ideal icon. Translating them are some of the activities present in the frenzy, such as singing, speaking, educating, among many others.
For this, we made the graphic adaptation of the sounds that each letter produces in our mouth, thus making it an alphabet of mouths. That enables us to have a mutable identity, which unfolds as many times as necessary

logo with the varations
bussiness card

images by Luminous

images from frenesim activites
images by frenesim